Transport- and Stack container 1000×800 H870mm

  • Offer-No.:
  • Material:
    sheet steel, lacquered
  • Colour:
    red,green or yellow
  • Ext. dimensions (LxWxH):
  • Quantity:
    pieces on request
  • Partial quantity:
    yes, starting from 30 package(s) with 2 pcs. each bay, smaller masses on request.
  • Availability:
    not available
  • Weight:
    app. 90,00kg
  • Condition:
    very well, used
  • Cleaness:
  • Age:
    app. 30 years
  • Former useage:
    Storage of metal parts
  • Boxtype:

Additional information to Transport- and Stack container 1000×800 H870mm

The steel containers have sticky label and adhesive residues and some paint chips. In addition, the containers show dents and rust in very few places. The containers have SSI Schäfer company embossing and an imprint of the Andritz company. Due to the outdoor storage, the containers may show residues due to the weather. The walls and the bottom are closed. The load capacity is 1,500 kg. In addition, the bins have a flap on one long side. These are sorted before collection.

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