Mini-folding-box 240×160 H98mm

  • Offer-No.:
  • Material:
    Polypropylene, new commodity
  • Colour:
    blue,red,green or bluegrey
  • Ext. dimensions (LxWxH):
  • Int. dimensions (LxWxH):
  • Quantity:
    app. 10.000 pieces
  • Partial quantity:
    yes, starting from 2 package(s) with 2100 pcs. each euro pallet (to be change), smaller masses on request.
  • Availability:
    not available
  • Weight:
    app. 0,17kg
  • Condition:
  • Cleaness:
  • Age:
    brand new
  • Former useage:
    no use, because they are new !
  • Boxtype:

Additional information to Mini-folding-box 240×160 H98mm

The mini folding box has a folded height of 26.5mm. The max. load capacity when stacked on the pallet is 70kg. The plastic is food-safe and is also available in other colours.
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